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Letters to The Community Council

Right of way through Diageo property

The following email was addressed to the Community Council by
Martin Dean, Access and Countryside Projects Officer,
Community and Regulatory Services,
Clackmannan Council
Email: mdean@clacks.gov.uk
Tele: 01259 452409

The Diageo site at the south east edge of the village has advised us that they will be placing two notice boards by the side of the right of way route through their property.

The company is concerned that some local residents are unaware that the green areas in front of their buildings and paths between the buildings are in fact private property. There is a risk to walkers, often with dogs, when their route takes them through the Diageo property and directly into very busy traffic areas with employees and visitor cars as well as frequent mail and courier vans. Unfortunately some dog walkers are also not removing their dog's mess which, as you can imagine, is extremely unhygienic and unpleasant for the Diageo employees. Having taken advice from Clackmannanshire Council, Diageo will put up the notice boards mentioned above that will contain maps and information clearly identifying the route through the site. Diageo's request is that all walkers and other access takers respect their property and stay on the promoted path.

Clackmannanshire Council's Access and Countryside Projects Officer says that access rights do not extend to the grounds of the Diageo site and that access takers should, in keeping with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, follow the recommended route and keep their dogs under close control and clean up after them.

For more information about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code go to: http://www.outdooraccess-scotland.com/

December 2012

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