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Letters to Menstrie Matters

Reduction of speed limit through the village

The following letters reply to a proposal by (Mr. J. Searle, Menstrie Matters, June 2013) for a 20 mph speed limit covering all of Menstrie.
Both contributors below have suppled contact details.

From Mr. J. Gaffney

I read with disdain the ludicrous suggestion of putting a 20 mph speed limit on the main A91 trunk road through Menstrie. The road through Menstrie is approximately 0.6 miles long and at present has 3 pedestrian crossings, which are not used to their full potential by pedestrians. Putting a 20 mph limit on this road, beside disrupting traffic flow on a major trunk road, would only make the crossings less attractive to pedestrians thus increasing the risk of accidents. Menstrie main road has NO houses directly onto the road, all have a gap between the house and the wide pavement, so no one is forced to walk from house onto the road. I also drove through "Pool O'Muckhart and Yetts O' Muckhart" yesterday, both villages on the main A91 trunk road and are using 30 mph speed limit which allows continuous safe traffic flow, so why should Menstrie be singled out. There is a great little book called the "Highway Code" for pedestrians and motorist, can I suggest it is read, it may keep you safe. I live on the new Menstrie Mains Estate and it does have a 20 mph speed limit, wide roads and speed bumps. However I would point out that very few motorist on the estate abide by the 20 mph limit [mothers with baby on board stickers flying along the road, together with fathers in flash cars all in a hurry], so putting 20 mph signs up and putting in speed bumps, really does nothing and I have not touched on the boy and girl racers coming in and out of the estate. At least in Abercrombie Place the road is not long enough for cars to get up to 20mph.

Jim Gaffney

From Mr. A. Byrne

I am writing this email to you all because my 10 year old son was nearly knocked down at the pedestrian crossing on the A91 just down from the Dumyat Centre. The car involved luckily skidded to a halt prior to my son running back to the house in a state of shock.

The A91 through Menstrie is meant to be a 30mph limit however from my experiences many cars go a lot faster. The road from Alva is extremely straight and even with the limit dropping from 60mph, to 40mph and then to 30mph very few cars are doing 30mph when they enter Menstrie Village. When exiting the village after the Holytree Pub, the road is straight and has a downwards slope so yet again most cars accelerate at speed to leave the village.

In the last six months I have seen a car in the ditch at the end of my street, a rear-end shunt outside the Co-op and numerous cars skid at pedestrian crossings. It is also very worrying at the size of some of the vehicles speeding, especially trucks and buses. If you think I am over-exaggerating this matter, grab a speed gun and visit the village in the early hours of the morning when the 30mph speed limit does not exist or late at night when the racing begins. 8 - 9am in morning when the kids go to school is also an eye opener. There are many solutions which could reduce the speed however a 20mph zone must be adopted.

To change the signs will not cost much money at all. For me, signs will not be enough as most people already ignore them. The only way to prevent speed- ing is through traffic calming measures, a roundabout at the entrance to the village at the Broomhall Castle Junction, flashing school zone signs and ran- dom speed traps.

This issue has already been highlighted in the Menstrie Matters magazine and needs to be addressed with urgency.

I am more than happy to discuss this further.
Kind Regards

Alan Byrne
Clifford park

September 2013

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