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Menstrie OLP Committee

Ochil Landscape Partnership (OLP)

Maybe some of you have heard of this, others not. It is basically a bid for National Lottery funding to improve access to, and the environment of, the Ochil Hills.

Some time ago (seems like aeons) the Community Council was asked to put forward a project for Menstrie. We had little time to do this and had to think on our feet.

After some 2½ years, the project has been accepted and has gone forward as part of the overall funding proposal. So what is this project? Very simply: clear and clean up the lower reaches of the Glen, the burn and surrounds, install a viewing platform at the old bridge adjacent to the Scout hall, lay paths right down the burn and create an avenue right through the village of walkable paths along the Burnside. There will be storyboards depicting life as it once was in our village: hard, hectic and very poor; information on how Menstrie became the village it was and has become; training for our children in such things as archaeology, history, people. The list goes on and more can be found on the OLP website.

What we need now is to put together a group of people who would be interested in taking this project forward, helping to put the stories together, the pictures, sorting out the logistics of path laying, wall building, tree planting and a host of other tasks that will require doing. It's not committee work: Caroline and I get the joy of that. It's all about doing; about learning and teaching; about bringing the heritage of Menstrie alive for the future generations.

The commitment is not massive but it is a commitment. We have worked hard to get this far but need help to take it further, to realize the dream, to make Menstrie a village that is a community working together for the future.

Outwith Menstrie there are a number of other projects that are under the banner of the OLP: the Hillfoots Way, a continuous path from Blairlogie to Muckhart, taking in some of the Wee County's most spectacular scenery; the Devon way, a walk along the banks of the River Devon; Historic Kirk yards, a restoration plan for Kirk yards along the Hillfoots; Alva Glen and its illuminations; Dollar Glen. All along the Hillfoots there are projects which will benefit not only the people but the environment and heritage of the area in which we live.

Join in with us.

Les Sharp

July 2010

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