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Message from the Vice Chair, Ochils Landscape Partnership, October 2011

As I have mentioned before this is a move to providing better access to the hills, glens and waterways along the Hillfoots. The Ochils Landscape Partnership, (OLP) have gained lottery funding and are at the last stages of planning. This process has taken almost four years to put together and we are now looking for volunteers to assist with some of the work in our plans.

There are opportunities to learn new skills, train for new interests, or simply bring your existing expertise to the partnership's work.

We are starting to collect names of anyone who may be interested in working with us. The plans offer a very wide range of skills requirements. Planning, recording, supervising, accounting, historical research, and of course plain hard graft!.

Whilst most of the paperwork will be done in partnership with OLP employees, we still need people on the ground to do the 'legwork' It's a great opportunity to get involved with your environment. In Menstrie for instance, we will be clearing the shrubbery from the burn and lower glen, opening up the vista that once was there and installing a viewing platform to enable all abilities to access the view up the lower glen. We will then open up the banks of the burn and replant an avenue of natural species trees and plants to create a wonderful area to walk and talk. We are also looking to put in information boards to tell the story of the village and its history.

As you can see, there is a lot of work both physical and 'clerical'. If this interests you, drop me an email or watch the notice boards for further details.

Les Sharp

October 2011

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