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Cycling in and Around Menstrie

The Community Council recognises that cycling is a healthy, low-cost and non-polluting activity and supports plans to promote its safe enjoyment by Menstrie folk and visitors.

Official plans

Community Council member Austin Mitchell has received some detailed information about the plans for cycle routes around Menstrie from Alan Murray, Team Leader - Traffic & Transportation at Clackmannanshire Council. Mr. Murray has agreed that we can publish this information on the website.

Menstrie to Cambus, Alloa and beyond

There is a National Cycle Network route (NCN76) that comes from Dunfermline through Alloa that at present ends just west of Cambus. Clackmannanshire Council are negotiating with the landowner of the field adjacent to the warehouses and former distillery at Cambus to continue the tarred cycle path to link up with the old road at the River Devon arched bridge. The funding is in place but Clackmannanshire Council are being held up by tenancy agreements relating to the fields.

Clackmannanshire Council are working with SUSTRANS to purchase the disused railway line between Cambus and Menstrie. The intention is to use this to link Menstrie and the Hillfoots to the NCN76 (Alloa to Stirling route). Much of the funding is in place awaiting the formal purchase of the disused line from British Rail Residuaries Board. This route will be linked to the Back Road along the Hillfoots that links Menstrie, Alva and Tillicoultry.

Menstrie to Stirling

Austin has discussed the use of the roadside path between Menstrie and Blairlogie with SUSTRANS. It would be relatively straightforward to improve the section of footway from Menstrie to just east of the boundary with Stirling. There is enough room to provide a 2.5 to 3m wide cycle and footway. However the footway is too narrow from there towards Stirling to accommodate cycles and pedestrians together. There are physical constraints such as boundary walls and private gardens. Clackmannanshire Council are looking at possible options to the north side of the A91.

Taking the cycle routes further west is the responsibility of Stirling Council. Stirling is currently looking at ways of taking the NCN76 past Manor Powis roundabout and across the railway then into Stirling.

The next steps

At present, the main priorities are:

If all goes well these projects could be complete within the next three years. Clackmannanshire Council continue to support Stirling Council and SUSTRANS in their efforts to complete the section of the route that lies within Stirling Council area.

More information

Map of the National Cycle Network (pdf, 3.5 MB)

April 2009

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