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Using the Menstrie - Cambus path and cycleway

Open for many kinds of users

Share the way No motor vehicles There have been some recent concerns regarding cyclists ignoring walkers and verbally challenging their right of use. Although this is part of the National Cycle Network (NCN), the Scottish Outdoor Access Code states that the range of users entitled to use the path is wide and includes, cyclists, dog walkers, walkers, and other non-motorised travel such as horse riders and disabled vehicles. Motorised vehicles (including motor bikes) do not have a right to use the path. The only access right by a motorised vehicle is for the farmer/landowner to cross the new path at Ditch Farm, but not anywhere else.

Use it responsibly

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code highlights the need to respect the interests of other people and other access takers such as dog walkers have just as much right to be on the path as cyclists. It states that, on the path dogs, should either be kept on a lead or under close control. It is up to cyclists to give some form of warning that they are approaching pedestrians from behind, either by shouting or ringing a bell.

Keep it clean

What is most annoying on the path is the disregard some dog owners have to clean up after their dog. Apart from being a nuisance to walkers and others, it is highly dangerous for children walking the path and can cause them to become very ill. The path is used regularly by the Nursery and young mothers and we make a plea that if you have a dog, please clean up after it. It is your responsibility and a fine of at least £40 can be imposed for not doing so.

Assert your rights

Let us know if you encounter any problems on the path and we will be happy to take them up on your behalf.

Caroline Crawford
Menstrie Community Council

December 2012

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