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November 2007

Chemistry Week

On Wednesday 7th November P5, P6 and P7 from Menstrie Primary School went to a science show about flight and weather at Lornshill Academy. The show was called Madflap Science.

The man who hosted the show got everyone moving out of their chairs, even the teachers. He asked for volunteers to help with some of the funny ways to show us examples on this topic.

He also chose Mrs McGlinchie, the P5 teacher, as a volunteer to help with one of the experiments on flight and Lewis' head as a launch pad. Everyone was amazed by all the interesting things he showed us.

We were pleased we had the opportunity to go to the science fair. We would like to say a big thank you to the Royal Society of Chemistry for organising this event.

Eve Sheppard and Ashleigh McArthur P6

Official Opening of Menstrie Nursery Class

The new Menstrie Nursery Class was officially opened on Thursday 15th November by Cllr. George Matchett. Cllr Matchett remarked that this was a wonderful facility for the community of Menstrie and praised the warm, happy atmosphere of the nursery.

This new extension should give us the capacity to offer a place here to all of the Menstrie children who would like to attend for many years to come.

Although the building is now up and running and the playground in use, there is still a lot of development to be done within the grounds. We would like a garden to grow things and some interesting spaces for the children to play in.

We have had a very generous donation of £200 from Kerry Bio-science, made possible by one of our parents, James Allan, who works there.

Perhaps some more of you may be in a similar position through work to offer donations or suggest contact for grant funding to boost our fund raising efforts.

There will also be the opportunity for people to get involved in digging and planting later on when funding has been secured and plans drawn up.

If you think you can help in any way please get in touch with the Nursery as soon as possible. The sooner we get started, the more chance we have of letting our children benefit from our project.

V. O'Grady Head Teacher

Forthcoming Events

As we get closer to Christmas, things get very busy here in school. All of the children, from nursery to P5 will enjoy a Christmas party just before the end of term. P6 and P7 will have a Ceilidh, with a live Ceilidh band.

The children for PI - P7 will be treated to a Pantomime from a touring theatre company. Our annual Christmas Concert will take place on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th December. The morning nursery children will present a pageant on Friday 14th December.

Our Christmas church service will take place on Friday 21st December in Menstrie Parish Church at 9.30 am. All are welcome to join us.

V. O'Grady Head Teacher

Menstrie Primary School - Parent Forum and Parent Council

In August 2007 the school boards, with which most people were familiar, formally ceased to exist.

For the past year members of the school's PTA and board have been learning how to create a new format for parents and school staff to work more closely together to better serve the needs of Menstrie Primary's pupils.

All parents, legal guardians and carer's for children attending the nursery and school form part of the Parent Forum and the Parent Council. Created from interested members of the Parent Forum, they will represent the views and concerns of the Parent Forum to the school and local authority.

The Parental Involvement Bill means that the school and authority must listen to parents and give a proper response. In all cases parents can expect to influence decisions. to be listened to and be taken seriously (New parent council leaflet Astron B43523 9/05).

If you have a child at the nursery or school, your concerns or questions can be raised with a member of the Parent Council or by dropping a note off at the school office for the attention of the Parent Council.

Office bearers of the Parent Council are:

Other members are drawn from the Parent Forum, the teaching staff and some co-opted members of our community. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the school please look out for information from school regarding the next meeting.

Wendy Holt

November 2007

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