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November 2008

A visitor to P6

Mrs Asjad came to Primary 6 on the 6th November to tell us some interesting facts about India. She started by telling us about Indian cooking and all the ingredients and spices you use that are essential to make curry. Mrs Asjad showed us ginger, chilli powder, chillies, garlic and garam masala. By the time she had finished showing us all of them the classroom smelt lovely.

John and Finlay tried on traditional outfits that boys and men would wear for a special occasion and she also showed us the shoes boys would wear. Mrs Asjad gave out sweeties and some were delicious and some had an interesting taste.

Near the end she gave all of the girls several bangles. They were all beautiful. We all had an exciting afternoon!

Anna Dryden, Primary 6

Forthcoming Events

All primary school age children are invited to join in the Christamassy fun and games in the church hall on Saturday 6th December 2.30 to 4.00 pm.

The next Menstrie Primary School Parent Council Meeting will be held on Thursday December 11th. If any parent or guardian has any issues they would like to raise at the council could they drop a note into the school for the attention of Derek Hammond or email wendyeholt at Sky.com (Change 'at' to '@' and remove the spaces).

The school are having a Miracle concert on tbe afternoons of December 11th and 12th called "It's a Miracle". Everyone is welcome. Speak to any parent witb a child at tbe school for times and more information.

November 2008

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