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Acting Head Teacher: Mr John Pennie

School telephone: 01259 760690

Primary 5

Our topic this term is the rain forest and we have been making paper chain snakes, vines and leaves. We're busy looking after our 'Fish in the Classroom' as well. The Forth Fisheries Trust gave us 250 trout eggs. We are very happy in class because we always have a lot of fun while we're learning.

Charis Holt, Gregor Currie, Aoife McLaughlin and Rhys Donoghue

Primary 6

Primary 6 had a great day at the Caledonia Market, Milhall on Friday 4th February. We were hands-on farmers for the day. We bought sheep and 2 cows at the auction. We had to bid for them. We milked Forth Valery, the cow! We made Very Berry smoothies- delicious! Aaron was a butcher wearing lots of overalls and a metal apron. We tasted lots of Scottish cheeses and one of the best things we did was making butter from double cream. We learned lots about farming in our local community.

Abbie Whannell

Art Club

The PI's and P2's who joined the Art Club this term have completed their 6-week block of art and craft activities. All the children worked hard to create paintings, frames, woolly clowns, foam masks and more. Everyone had fun and learnt some new skills.

The P3 - 7 Art Club has just started. Over 6 weeks the children will be learning a bit of Art history while exploring some different techniques to create their very own masterpieces! Hopefully with the children's permission we'll be able to display at the exhibition held during gala week.

Caroline Wright

March 2011

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