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September 2006 - June 2007 (Abridged)

September 2006

New street signs were erected with directions to The Charrier. The seating at Midtown was removed by the Council due to vandalism. The Jubilee Seating in the park was also damaged.

October 2006

At the AGM nominations were made for the office bearers and Les Sharp was duly elected as Chairperson.

Beth Cook painted the vandalised seating in the park and we are grateful to her for doing so. The flower tubs by the seating were also vandalised.

Caroline Crawford (Sec) was elected as the representative on the Clackmannanshire Alliance to represent the Hillfoots Councils.

November 2006

Ross Calder laid the Community Council wreath at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday.

P .C. Graeme Ross reported that the removal of the seating and benches at Midtown has made a big improvement to the problems in this area, although the problem had now moved elsewhere.

It was agreed to go ahead with the purchase of a village Christmas Tree for erection at Midtown.

December 2006

Several matters of concern to residents were passed to Councillor Paterson to investigate, namely grit bins, disabled access at Dumyat Centre, parking in Craigomus Crescent, removal of old street lights, lighting on the Traffic Island by the Burnside Inn and need for a pedestrian crossing in the west end of the village.

The Christmas Tree was erected and carol singing took place round it with over 50 people coming along. Thanks to the Scouts, Bett Homes, Murdoch Smith for their help in the erection and Menstrie Parish Church for their hospitality afterwards. It was suggested that the School might become involved next year by making decorations. The was also a suggestion of re-starting the Gala Day.

January 2007

A dropped kerb was installed in Brook Street to allow wheelchair access to the new bridge. The bridge was added to the priority salting route, although only the ramps as the bridge itself would be susceptible to corrosion and will not be salted.

The continuing deterioration of Park Road South was passed to Councillor Paterson. Many efforts have been made over the years by the Community Council to ascertain ownership of this road to no avail.

Members met with members of the PTA and agreed to take a stall at their Fun Day in June.

It was agreed that a Menstrie Business Matters should be produced for inclusion in the Newsletter.

February 2007

Sheila Bulloch attended the meeting to discuss proposals for the planning gain money that we received from the developers that will be spent on the Dumyat Centre. Sheila agreed to put out a questionnaire in the village to find out what the community would like to see the money spent on.(There was a very poor response to this).

A Community Woodland clean-up took place on the 18th February. However, there was a lack of volunteers and it would not have been successful without the help of the Scouts and their Officers.

It was agreed that the redundant Community Council computer and printer be donated to the Red Cross.

March 2007

Once again there were problems with vandalism in the village. The Bowling Club were also having problems by young people accessing the seating in the park. We agreed to have the seating removed and re-sited elsewhere in the park.

Councillor Paterson reported that the source of the leak in the flats above the Spar had been traced and 14-day letters for repair had been sent to the owners. The damaged fence at the park, by the Windmill, was removed.

April 2007

Supt. Andrew Price from Central Scotland Police attended our meeting and gave a presentation to the members.

It was ascertained that the title of Park Road South was not held by the Council. After a site visit the Council decided that the west end of the village was not a safe site for a crossing and could not support the idea of a pedestrian crossing at this time. A new sign was erected at the entrance to the village at the west end and was not well received by local people.

May 2007

Julie Hamilton and Grant Eals attended the meeting and gave an update on the current state regarding the planning gain monies.

An incidence of alcohol being served to underage youths was reported by the Police to the Licensing Board.

June 2007

A further meeting was held with Julie Hamilton, Sandy Dawson, Caroline Easton, Grant Eals; all from Clackmannanshire Council regarding the Dumyat Centre, Public Art etc.

The Community Council carried out their own survey at the School Fete on what. the community would like to see in the Dumyat Centre.

The redundant lampposts were removed from Main Street West.

An application was made to Forward Scotland for funding for an all-ability path in the woodland.


We hope to erect a lasting memorial for Ian McKillop and Sybil Khan somewhere in the village in the coming year.

Caroline Crawford, Secretary

November 2007

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