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Demonstration for Monday 6th July cancelled

MCC Secretary Caroline Crawford issued the following on Friday 03 July 2009 at 19:33. - Ed.

Les [Sharp] and I have decided to call off the demonstration planned for Monday morning as we have had a telephone call from the new Managing Director (Mr. Kirkpatrick) of Gladedale Ltd. to say that he is withdrawing the legal action and is willing to talk about the current situation.

In light of this we thought it best to give them the opportunity to put things right and reinstate the money as it looks like they have realised that the bad publicity is doing them no good.

More power to the small fish in the big pond!

Caroline Crawford
Menstrie Community Council

Gladedale Break Community Centre Promise ?

Call for action on Monday 6th July

Dated 29-June-2009

This concerns every resident of Menstrie.

Gladedale Developers (who built the the big housing development at the west end of the village) are now refusing to fund the extension they promised to Menstrie Dumyat Centre. The nationwide developer, with their Scottish Headquarters in Stirling, has sold hundreds of houses at Menstrie Mains in return for which it donated £200,000 towards community improvements to the Dumyat Centre. However, in spite of the fact that they were a year late in handing over the money to the Council, they are now demanding the money back (through legal action if necessary), while at the same time they are asking for planning permission for another development in Menstrie. They now say that the two-year time limit on spending the money is up and have ignored all reasonable requests to extend the time limit even though planning permission is now in place and ready to go out to tender.

We have fought long and hard over the last few years for this extension and are not ready to give up now. They have ignored all reasonable forms of communication and negotiation, and the Community Council now feel that further action should be taken on our part on behalf of the residents of Menstrie.

With this in mind we plan to demonstrate outside their Headquarters in Stirling next Monday, 6th July at approx. 10.30am. A bus has been arranged to leave from the Dumyat Centre and anybody willing to go on this demonstration should meet at the Dumyat Centre at 10.00am. I do hope that most of you will be able to take part in what is the only action left to us (apart from the legal route which we cannot afford). We will fight them all the way in whatever way we can.

We are aware that the timescale is short but please pass on this e:mail to your contacts locally (or otherwide) to ensure that we have a wide representation of all ages from the village.

We are relying on you all. It is your Centre, please help us save the community extension to it.

Many thanks,
Caroline Crawford
Menstrie Community Council

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June 2009

Updated 04-July 2009

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