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Menstrie - Blairlogie footpath

This article by Charles Norman appeared in "Menstrie Matters", December 2012

The footway on the north side of the A91 running west from Menstrie towards Stirling is in a generally poor condition with an unmade surface, areas of standing water, overhanging trees and an inadequate kerb line separating the footway from the carriageway. In addition, depressions in the carriageway itself lead to standing water which affects users of the footway.

The Council's Roads and Transportation Service has put together a proposal to improve this footway. The proposed work involves the clearance of overhanging vegetation and the root systems associated with them, raising the level of the road kerb and so the height of the footway, widening the footway to allow for joint use with cyclists, surfacing the footway in a suitable "blacktop" material, draining the road and footway through the installation of new gullies and piped off-lets and creating a bund to the rear of the footway to separate it from the adjacent woodland.

The cost of this work is considerable and was not accounted for in the current year. However, the Service has secured a joint funding package which will allow the majority of works to be completed. The external funding has come via SUSTRANS from the Scottish Government, who have recognised the merits of this project within the national cycle network. This money is available in the current financial year only, so we intend to start the project as soon as possible.

Maintenance of the woodland would require to be considered by the Community Council as regards drainage and, perhaps more urgently, the control of the Japanese knotweed presently located on the site. As far as possible, the proposed footway project will seek to include measures which will assist with drainage issues in the woodland area but it is considered that issues requiring addressing will remain. Some replanting of suitable trees/shrubs may be incorporated within the footway improvement project.

Charles Norman
Team Leader,
Roads and Street Lighting
Clackmannanshire Council

December 2012

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